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Berryhill Offers Brown Praise

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Sacramento, CA — While he has some disagreements, Republican Senator Tom Berryhill says there are many positives to take from Governor Jerry Brown’s State of the State address this morning.

“You know, it was a real good talk, and think at the end of the day he is clearly the adult in the room,” said Berryhill, whose District 14 covers the Mother Lode. “He preached today smaller, more efficient government, and good reforms. Looking at those aspects, I thought it was an excellent talk.”

When it comes to projects and infrastructure, Berryhill says he has disagreements with Democratic Governor on items like the financial sustainability of the high speed rail project, but he does appreciate that Brown is talking about pushing a water bond to improve infrastructure.

Berryhill did not extend his praise to Democrats in the Assembly and Senate. “The other side of the aisle is going to be able to get through whatever they want, and they will,” he adds. “I hear a lot of proposals going around, and the Governor’s going to have an opportunity to veto a lot of bad legislation, and I just hope he does.”

Many in Sacramento will be watching the dynamic between Brown and the legislature. The Assembly and Senate have a 2/3rds Democratic majority, which could in theory, override a Governor’s veto. To read Brown’s entire speech, click here.

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