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A Surprise Tax

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Sacramento, CA – That is what one state official calls the new lumber law that took effect today. The new law requires a one percent (1%) assessment on purchases of lumber products and engineered wood products for use in California

Board of Equalization member George Runner, a Republican whose district covers Tuolumne County says, “It’s a very confusing tax and I think it is going to catch a lot of tax payers off guard. It was the result of the legislature passing this over the summer and trying to go back to taxpayers and get more money out of them.” Runner adds, “People are going to go shopping and they’re going to look at their receipt and see this new tax, and a lot of them are going to wonder when did this take place.”

Runner is against the tax saying it will run up building costs. The new law does not apply to furniture and flooring.

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  • George Runner