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Vowing To Pursue Mother Lode Issues With Increased Vigor

Sonora, CA — District 4 Congressman Tom McClintock thanked voters for his re-election to a fifth-term noting that he will continue to pursue issues important to the Mother Lode “with increased vigor and confidence.”  His full statement is below:

“The people of the Sierra have spoken and I want to thank them for the continued confidence they so strongly expressed in this election.  Our communities value freedom – the freedom to live our lives with a minimum of government interference – the freedom to enjoy the fruit of our own labor without high taxes that destroy our dreams – and the secure borders and safe neighborhoods in which freedom can flourish.  These are the policies I have pursued in Washington and will continue to pursue with increased vigor and confidence – knowing that these positions are the clear and decisive will of the vast majority of voters in this district.”  –  Rep. Tom McClintock

We contacted Democratic challenger Jessica Morse to get her remarks regarding the election, but have not yet heard back.