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Emergency Repair Triggers Big Travel Delays In Jamestown

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Sonora, CA – Travelers between Jamestown and Sonora earlier today have a legitimate excuse for being 40 minutes late to wherever they were headed.

After receiving numerous calls into the news center from those who were experiencing enormous traffic delays on Highway 49/108, Clarke Broadcasting reached out to Caltrans spokesperson Rick Estrada to sleuth out what was going on. It turned out that a crew had to pull an emergency work permit for an urgent water pipe failure repair along a two-lane stretch of the highway between Wigwam Road and 5th Avenue.

“One of our concerns anytime there is a [damaged] water pipe is that if water gets loose under or beside a roadway it can eat into the roadbed and undercut the road – an extreme example would be that a sinkhole could develop if enough water pools underneath,” Estrada explains.

The good news, he says, is that the roadway should be back to normal with no unusual delays tomorrow. Too, he adds, “We certainly appreciate the patience people showed.“