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Update: Calaveras Ed Officials Receive Email Bomb Threat

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Update at 5 p.m.: After talking with FBI officials, Calaveras County Sheriff Rick DiBasilio reports that an email bomb threat towards county schools checked out as bogus.

Speaking with Clarke Broadcasting, the sheriff maintained the importance of taking every threat seriously and investigating its status until it can be officially determined. In this case, he says today’s email, which was sent to County Schools Superintendent Scott Nanik, apparently originated from the same UK-based Twitter group that last month was behind a series of generalized nationwide emails. What appeared to be a basic cut-and-paste message threatened an on-campus shooting without naming any specific target location or providing additional details.

According to DiBasilio, while the FBI was able to shut down that particular Twitter feed, the culprits and/or copycats were able to continue what he termed as “disruptive” actions through a different social media channel, adding their goal seemed to be to disrupt rather than to scare. Nanik confirmed in his conversation with the FBI that the disruptors did not even seem to have a grasp of at least the county school system, as in his role as a superintendent, he does not have direct oversight over a specific school campus.

Nanik states that while the threat turned out to be non-credible, an increased law enforcement presence will still be noticeable at county schools this week. “We do not want to let our guard down,” he confides, adding that the presence will serve to calm things on campuses and perhaps also dissuade potential local copycats from acting out.

Original Post at 4:30 p.m.: San Andreas, CA — The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office is advising the community that it is actively investigating a threatening email sent to county school officials.

In the four o’clock hour sheriff’s officials report they were informed by the Calaveras County Office of Education (CCOE) that the communication, characterized as “a generalized email bomb threat,” had been received by CCOE staff.

The sheriff’s office issued a message similar to one sent from the district school superintendent’s office to parents and students. It states that the sheriff’s office, Angels Camp Police and school officials are working closely to ensure that students are safe and appropriate precautions are being taken.

The message notes, “We do not have any information at this time that this email threat is credible and actually targeted our schools; however, all threats are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly. This threat did not mention any specific school or school district.” It also stresses that as a cautionary measure, law enforcement will be present on campuses and anyone discovering anything that might assist in the investigation should contact either local law officials of CCOE immediately.

Sheriff’s officials state that their office treats and investigates every threat seriously and independently and has notified the FBI about this latest email. They note that part of the investigation will focus on determining whether the email is linked to the same organization who sent numerous emails last month threatening school districts across the nation, as reported here, the messages were received and investigated locally. Too, local officials say they will share any valid developments relating to the case.