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A Groveland Bike Club Lands Presidential Honor

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Groveland, CA — The Groveland Trail Heads, a nonprofit mountain bike club, has been awarded the Presidential Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service by the Biden Administration.

The Gold Level Award, a prestigious national honor, recognizes individuals and groups who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to volunteer service over a year, positively impacting their communities and inspiring others to take action.

“We are deeply honored to receive this recognition from the White House,” said Dwight Follien, the President of the Groveland Trail Heads. “Having this award presented to us by the Groveland Ranger District personnel is especially meaningful, as they, along with the Stanislaus National Forest, have been incredible partners since our inception in 2013.”

Established in 2003, the Gold Level Award requires over 500 hours of volunteer service for groups, but the Groveland Trail Heads exceeded this requirement with 1,045 volunteer hours, equivalent to six months of a 40-hour work week.

“We couldn’t achieve our goals without the unwavering support of our partners, donors, sponsors, and volunteers,” the spokesperson added. “This award is a testament to the collective effort and passion of everyone involved. We are committed to continuing our work to enhance our community and create sustainable recreational opportunities.”

Founded 11 years ago, the club supports local businesses and addresses unique challenges faced by rural communities. The organization has worked closely with local partners since 2013, creating and sustaining a vibrant trail system that benefits both residents and visitors.

The club received the prestigious Presidential Award at the Stanislaus National Forest Service’s Community Meeting held last Wednesday, June 12th, at the Groveland Resiliency Center. For more information about the Groveland Trail Heads, click here.