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McClintock Details Support For Israel And Ukraine Aid

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Washington, DC — While he had concerns about the scope and various aspects of the bills, Mother Lode Republican Congressman Tom McClintock recently voted in favor of a new aid package to help Ukraine and Israel.

Detailing his decision, McClintock states, “Profligate spending is exhausting our resources and damaging our economy, but as Reagan reminded us, defense is not a budget issue.  You spend what you need to spend – and although the defense of these besieged nations is one step removed from our own – it would be good to keep it that way.”

McClintock continues, “I regret that the three military aid bills are larded up with $20 billion of economic handouts, but we’re out of time and out of options.”

The House approved a combined $95 billion in new aid for Ukraine, Israel, and other US allies and it was later passed by the Senate, and signed by President Joe Biden.