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Tuolumne Supervisors Approve Parrotts Ferry Road Property Purchase

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Sonora, CA – While it was not a unanimous decision, the Tuolumne County Supervisors approved the purchase of a Columbia property to be used for Behavioral Health supportive housing.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the vote was split, with two supervisors not willing to give their stamp of approval. District 5 Supervisor Jaron Brandon, who represents the Columbia area, voted against buying the property with four existing homes at 22039 Parrotts Ferry Road, across from the Inner Sanctum Cellars Basecamp & Event Center. Brandon questioned putting it along a historic corridor like Parrotts Ferry Road, stating, “It might not be a scenic highway, but it is a major collector of historic importance. It’s an old property within one of the most historic communities we have that is based very much on that history more than other communities.”

District 3 Supervisor Aniah Kirk abstained, citing that the property is not close to county services, but noted that he would support the project if approved.

Several property neighbors, area residents, and Columbia organizations, like the Chamber of Commerce, spoke out about the proposal during the meeting with many of the same concerns as the last hearing we reported on here in February. Back then concerns were raised regarding the narrow road and public safety, possible open mines on the property, the actual property lines, and the lowering of property values.

District 4 Supervisor Kathleen Haff took issue with those using the term “those people,” arguing, “There are a lot of assumptions by people in this room, and actually in our community, about these people. And I ask you each to search your own souls for where that comes from.” Haff continued, “We need to be a community like we used to be, where we put our arms around everyone. What happened to that? Did fear just totally take over where it obscures our ability to be proper humans?”

Ultimately, Supervisors Haff, Campbell and Goldemberg voted in favor, allowing for the $925,000 property purchase.

  • Property on Parrotts Ferry Road in Columbia