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Warrants For Arrest Put Man And Woman In Handcuffs

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Jamestown, CA – A man and woman were arrested after a search of them turned up meth, and he was placed on $150,000 bail.

While patrolling, a Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Deputy saw 37-year-old Derek Linder and 42-year-old Kelly Smith, both transients, walking near the Rawhide Bridge in Jamestown, off Highway 108. Knowing that Smith had a warrant for her arrest, the deputy stopped the pair. Linder also divulged that he may have a warrant as well.

A record check showed both had misdemeanor warrants, which allowed the deputy to search them. While patting down Linder, the deputy turned up a sheath containing a glass pipe commonly used to smoke methamphetamine and a bag containing approximately two grams of the drug, according to sheriff’s officials. Through further investigation, the deputy determined that Smith and Linder gave meth to each other to use.

Linder was booked on the charges of transporting, furnishing, and giving away a controlled substance and placed on $150,000 bail. He and Smith were also arrested for their local drug-related warrant.