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Calaveras Supes Prepare To Again Air Cannabis Ban Or Regulation Ordinance

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San Andreas, CA — Looming among several consent and a sprinkling of regular agenda items this week is another go attempt by the Calaveras supervisors to pass a permanent commercial cannabis grow ordinance.

According to the meeting documents county staff, which placed the item at the end of the agenda, estimated that at least five hours will be devoted to the cause. As reported here, last week’s attempt to get to a vote after hours of comments that spilled over into a second public hearing day was mired by the surprise appearance of a 60-page report commissioned and introduced by District 4 Supervisor Dennis Mills on Wednesday.

It basically calls for the county to totally ban and shut down the industry due to apparently extreme negative environmental impacts — additionally recommending that state and federal agencies become involved for funding purposes, enforcement muscle power and expanded environmental research. The document’s debut triggered Board Chair and District 3 Supervisor Michael Oliveira to call for the board to table further discussion until the supervisors and staff had the opportunity to review it.

Speaking with Clarke Broadcasting on Monday afternoon, Oliveira admitted the report’s sudden appearance came as quite a surprise, at least to him. As for its potential impact on the proceedings, he noted that the board is under pressure to pass an ordinance to replace the temporary urgency rules that are set to expire next February.

“I know that our consultants, attorneys were instructed to take a look at [the report] and it is my understanding that they will be reporting…their take on the report, itself,” Oliveira confides. “But more importantly, there is going to be some staff input and I have to make a decision on whether I am going to be allowing public comment on it. As you well know I want this board to be transparent and I want to make sure that we do things right. So, depending on what is disseminated at the beginning of the meeting, I will make that decision as Board Chair.”

Following an 8 a.m. closed session the meeting is slated to start at 9 in the government center’s supervisors chambers (891 Mountain Ranch Road, San Andreas). Again, the cannabis ban or regulation topic is scheduled to come up as the last item under the regular agenda.


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