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GOP Lawmakers Push Bills Aimed To Help Small Businesses

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Sacramento, CA — California Republican lawmakers are urging the passage of bills that would crack down on retail theft, ease regulations, and create a sales tax holiday.

A press conference was held at the capitol where several GOP lawmakers spoke about the challenges facing the state’s small businesses. Assembly Republican leader James Gallagher stated, “Small businesses drive the revenue and sales throughout this state. They provide all kinds of products and services. But, they are in trouble right now.”

Several proposals were highlighted.

A bill authored by Assemblywoman Diane Dixon would create a sales tax holiday during the first weekend of every August, throughout that Saturday and Sunday.

A proposal by Assemblywoman Laurie Davies would close loopholes and allow California businesses to better compete for state contracts.

Legislation by Assemblyman Tri Ta would allow small businesses to correct regulatory violations before being fined.

A bill by Senator Roger Niello aims to cut down on lawsuits that stifle development projects.

There are also bills to cut down on retail crimes, like shoplifting, and a related overhaul Proposition 47.