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Facebook Scam Hits Mother Lode

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Sonora, CA – The “Facebook Lottery Splash Promo” scam is targeting residents in the Mother Lode, according to Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office.

A local couple is the latest victim of the scam that gets people to send money believing they are winners of a million dollar Facebook lottery promotion. Sheriff’s officials report the couple indicated that they got a text message on Wednesday congratulating them on being the winners of the “Facebook Lottery Splash Promo 2017.” The scammer even claimed to be the co-founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg as proof of the validity of the lottery. The couple was asked to use the MoneyGram website to send $495 as insurance for the prize and in turn receive one million dollars. The couple sent the money, which was picked up at a Oklahoma retail store and never received the promised million dollars. Unfortunately, MoneyGram will not refund any of the money once it has been sent it.

Sheriff’s officials comment that other Facebook users in the county have reported getting similar text messages like the one provided below:

“I’m Marydale Massey, located at Menlo Park California and I work for the Facebook Security Operating Inc and you ?
Have any of our online agents informed you about the Facebook lottery splash promo?
Well am pleased to inform you about the online Facebook promo that was organized by the C.E.O of Facebook and all Facebook officials. The online drawing was conducted by a random selection of Facebook profiles by an automated machine, then your name was selected for the drawing.
Have you heard from our office that you are the 2nd grand prize winner for this years ongoing Facebook Promo?”

Facebook is aware of the scam and cautions users to avoid any messages with words like free and giveaway. Sheriff’s official suggest social network users do their homework by doing online research and checking for any fraud alerts regarding any contest, promo or giveaway. To spare others from possibly becoming a victim, sheriff’s officials suggest sharing this post with friends and loved ones.

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