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McClintock Says Impeachment Is ‘Perilous Path For Conservatives’

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Washington, DC — Republican Congressman Tom McClintock has authored a new blog where he further details his opposition to the impeachment attempt of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

It is entitled, “Redefining Impeachment Is A Perilous Path For Conservatives.” McClintock argues that using impeachment for political purposes, such as the impeachment of Mayorkas, was rejected by the founding fathers at the Constitutional Convention.

McClintock writes, “As Madison explained, they feared that such imprecise grounds could be twisted into a weapon for political grievances and turned against the executive branch whenever Congress saw fit. This would make the President a mere minister of Congress, utterly destroying the separation of powers at the heart of the Constitution.”

McClintock was one of eight Republicans who joined Democrats in opposition to impeachment. You can read McClintock’s full blog by clicking here.