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Watch Out For Ticks Out For Blood

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Sonora, CA — Fall brings out many for a walk or hike to enjoy the changing leaves, but Calaveras County health officials warn it also brings out ticks.

These ticks are out for blood and can spread diseases, according to health officials. They add that as the leaves fall and winter sets in, the ticks remain ready to bite. One way not to give them a “biting chance” is to use repellents made with DEET to keep ticks off you and prevent them from biting and spreading disease. Health officials provided this information regarding tick-borne disease prevention tips:

  • The BEST way to prevent diseases spread by ticks (also called “tick-borne diseases”) is to prevent tick bites. You can do this by using insect repellent and checking your body for ticks after spending time outside in areas where ticks are common.
  • If you are bitten by a tick, remove it right away with tweezers. Watch for symptoms, such as fever, rash, aches, and pains, and talk to a doctor right away if you feel sick after a tick bite.

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