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Local Fire District Gets Over $50K Grant

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Tuolumne, CA – A local fire district has been awarded a state grant to buy life-saving equipment.

Tuolumne Fire District will use a $52,572 state grant to purchase a new extrication tool, known as the “jaws of life.” First responders will use it to rescue crash victims trapped inside a vehicle.

“This grant will have a significant impact on our ability to protect and serve our community, allowing us to respond even more effectively in times of crisis,” said Nick Ohler, Fire Chief for the Tuolumne Fire District. “The funding will pay for modern rescue tools and provide training to first responders that is critical for the care of those injured in crashes.”

The electric tools will give the district more flexibility in emergency incidents. It will also impact what is called the “golden hour” of survival, a core principle in the emergency medical services industry, according to Chief Ohler. He added, “Reducing the time it takes to get to the patient, treat what can be treated, and transport the patient to the hospital helps increase the chance for recovery.”

The grant is from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through National Highway Traffic Safety Administration funding.