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Gas Prices Continue To Fall Nationwide And Locally

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Sonora, CA — As the temperatures outside are cooling, gas prices are dropping nationwide, and in California.

AAA reports that the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded in California (which has the highest prices in the country) has dropped 57 cents over the past month to about $5.30.

The nationwide average has fallen 35 cents over that span to $3.52.

The gas price section shows that regular unleaded is selling in Tuolumne County between $4.75 and $5.05 and in Calaveras County between $4.49 and $4.79.

Industry factors include a recent decline in the cost of crude oil, California allowing the transition to a winter blend fuel, and a reduced demand for gas now that the summer travel season has ended.

AAA notes that prices historically tend to drop during the fall months and the trend could continue heading toward the holiday season. There are uncertainties, though, like the Israel-Hamas war, which industry leaders say has the potential to increase gas prices if it escalates into a larger regional conflict.