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Disabled Utility Trailer Leads To Two Sonora Women’s Arrests

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Sonora, CA – A CHP officer, seeing two women pulled over on the side of the road working to repair a tire, stopped to help them and subsequently arrested them.

The incident happened recently on Hospital Road, just west of Mono Way in Sonora. The vehicle was a 1991 Chevrolet pickup hauling a utility trailer, which had a problem with one of the wheels and tire assembly, according to CHP spokesperson officer Steve Machado. He added, “The officer noticed that the Chevrolet pickup had an expired registration tab and conducted a registration check on both the truck and the trailer. The officer was informed that the trailer returned as a stolen vehicle.”

The officer took the two women, 54-year-old Carrie Silva of Sonora and 45-year-old Sheila Carter of Sonora, into custody without incident. Carter was also found to have a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia. The pair faces multiple felony charges, including being in possession of stolen property.