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Summerville Steamrolls Past Big Valley Christian

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Written by: Mike Woicicki

Last night’s Summerville Bears vs. Big Valley Christian football game started in a normal manner. The Bears received the opening kick and drove quickly into Lion territory. When the drive stalled, Summerville missed a field goal attempt, and the Lions took over on the twenty. Two plays later, a high snap rolled into the endzone and was covered by a lion, and the Bears led 2 to 0. Following the safety’s mandated free kick, the Bears easily drove down the field, and Bryce Leveroos hit paydirt with a nice ten-yard run. This was the first of five Bear touchdowns and a 37-0 victory.

With the Bears up 9 to 0, however, the game slowed to a crawl. It appeared that Big Valley knew they could not stop the Summerville offense, so they decided to use up as much time as possible between each play to keep the Bears off the field. When each Lion play ended, the team would line up and wait for the play clock to wind down before they would snap the ball to begin the next play with no regard for gains or losses.

This strategy worked, as the Bears only possessed the ball for about one-third of the time, but it did not change the eventual outcome. In the little time, the Bears had the ball, Tristan Barajas ran for a 4-yard and a 9-yard touchdown, and Auston Hike carried it in from the six-yard line. As usual, the Bears used their ground game to keep things going, but the play of the game was a pitch and pass. Leveroos pitched the ball to Luke Larson, who then threw a perfect 40-yard pass to Brody Peters, who caught it in stride and completed the 54-yard touchdown play. In addition, Bryson Benites capped the scoring with five extra-point kicks.

The Black Oak Casino player of the game was Tristan Barajas, who ran for 34 yards and 2 touchdowns, caught 2 passes for 40 yards, and also intercepted a pass.

The Bears have a bye week next Friday and will return to action on September 22nd when they travel to Modesto Christian.

In other action, the Calaveras Redhawks traveled to Ripon and lost 28-7. Next Friday night, they remain on the road, taking on Big Valley Christian.