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TC Supervisors Agree To Review Standard Park Youth Practice Limitations

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Standard, CA — At the urging of Tuolumne County Supervisor Anaiah Kirk, the county will reassess its policies that currently prohibit youth teams from practicing after 6 pm on many days because the vendor begins alcohol sales at that time for adult leagues.

Supervisor Kirk, who coaches a youth soccer team, says he recently learned about the county’s internal policy (no youth on the field when alcohol is being sold) when he explored using Standard Park for a team he coaches.

He looked into it because the school field that his team has been practicing on has many challenges and limitations, so Standard Park would be a better option.

No specific proposal was on the table at this week’s meeting, but Kirk requested that county staff review it and bring the item back for a more in-depth conversation at a future meeting. Changes could include shuffling the schedule so that adult leagues start later in the evening, or changing the alcohol policies. The board directed Kirk, along with Supervisor Ryan Campbell (who has kids in youth sports and who also participates in adult leagues), to work with staff to come up with recommendations. The potential changes will be reviewed at a future board meeting.

Standard Park is owned and maintained by Tuolumne County.