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Parking Will Be Restricted Around Rawhide Road Bridge

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Jamestown, CA — Out of concerns about a growing homeless encampment under the Rawhide Road Bridge, the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors voted 4-0 to restrict parking around that area.

Vehicles have been parking along the shoulder of Rawhide Road, and near the intersection of Highway 108 and the Rawhide Road Bridge, creating line-of-sight issues for cars traveling over the narrow bridge.

We reported earlier that Supervisor Jaron Brandon brought up growing concerns about the homeless encampment at the August 1st meeting.

In response to today’s action to restrict parking, he stated today, “By no means is this a silver bullet solution, and I think it is one of four or five (things) that need to be implemented to address it. But, I thank the staff for being able to put this on (agenda), for their communications, and for vetting some of these ideas.”

No parking will be allowed in the immediate area and continuing to 100 feet north of the Rawhide Road Bridge.

All board members voted in favor except for David Goldemberg who was absent.