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GOP Changes Presidential Primary Rules To Boost Winner

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Sacramento, CA — The winner of the California Republican Presidential Primary election next March could walk away with a much bigger election boost than in past years.

Previously, candidates could secure up to three delegates for each Congressional district. This has traditionally led to various Presidential candidates splitting shares of the state’s 169 delegates based on results from different regions.

This past weekend the party voted to change the rules, and if one candidate receives over 50% of the overall statewide party primary vote, they will receive all of the 169 delegates. If no one receives over 50%, the previous system will be used.

It makes California a much bigger potential prize and the race could bring additional interest from leading candidates.

A Public Policy Institute of California Poll released two weeks ago showed former President Donald Trump with 50% of the likely California GOP vote if the election was held today, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was second with 24%.

Much could shift over the coming months, but the numbers currently put former President Trump in a strong position to win all of the state’s delegates.

In the Democratic-leaning state, the PPIC poll also shows President Biden beating former President Trump, head-to-head, in California, 57% – 31%.