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Not So Bright Driving With High-beams Results In Drug Arrest

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San Andreas, CA — A late-night Highway 49 driver cruising with continuous high-beams in the face of oncoming traffic drew CHP officers’ notice and resulted in a felony drug bust of two family members.

CHP San Andreas Unit spokesperson Officer Rebecca Myers recounts officers’ actions after making a traffic stop on the vehicle, which occurred along the highway near Mountain Ranch Road in San Andreas. “[They] contacted Charles Freer, who is from Stockton. Mr. Freer was subsequently booked for being under the influence of alcohol. A search of Mr. Freer before placing him into the patrol car revealed that he was also carrying some methamphetamine that was bagged for sales.”

She adds, “His passenger — his brother Oscar, who is from San Andreas — was also causing an officer problems at the time, and when he was searched more drugs were found on him. A vehicle search revealed even more drugs and paraphernalia.”

Charles Freer, 30, and Oscar Freer, 32, now face felony charges of possession and transportation of drugs for sale and conspiracy to commit a crime as well as misdemeanor offenses including being under the influence.