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Amador County Tree Mortality Program Launch Three Projects

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Amador, CA– Amador County has recently launched three new projects in an effort to eliminate dead and dying trees that could pose a threat to county roads and infrastructure. The projects will take place in Pioneer (Project 18), from Pine Grove to Sutter Creek (Project 19), and in the northwestern area of the county (Project 20). The county’s tree mortality program manager and forester have noted a significant mortality rate in various tree species, including pine, incense cedar, oak, Pacific madrone, and Douglas fir. This mortality is due to a combination of prolonged drought and beetle attacks, with multiple mortality agents present in some cases.

The county has sent nearly 400 letters to property owners requesting permission to enter their land and remove the dead and dying trees and debris at no cost to the landowner. However, the return of right of entry forms has been disappointing thus far, which could lead to future inconveniences and damages due to falling trees. Property owners are urged to return their signed right of entry forms as soon as possible, as failure to do so could result in trees not being removed, and there are no guarantees of future project funding. The county is reimbursed by the state for most of the expenses associated with the projects.

The projects are expected to take place this spring, with additional projects on National Forest and private land planned for Silver Lake and Bear River during the summer. Property owners with questions about the Tree Mortality Program or the Right of Entry form are encouraged to contact the Tree Mortality Program Coordinator, Dr. Richard Harris, at (707) 685-5508 or via email at


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