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Brown Administration Releases Report On GOP Healthcare Plan

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Sacramento, CA — Governor Jerry Brown’s administration reports it has crunched the numbers, and claims the House Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare would shift $6-billion in costs to the state by 2020.

California has been among the most aggressive in implementing President Obama’s Affordable Care Act with four million state residents covered under its provisions. A majority of those are Californians that have been added to the Medicaid program for lower income households.

A notable spike in California’s share of cost would come after 2019 when the state would be required to repay any Medicaid spending above new federal caps. In addition, new limits would take effect at that time regarding federal spending on new enrollees to the program. The report notes that the costs would eventually grow to $24-billion by the year 2027.

California lawmakers would have the task of deciding whether to notably increase the amount of money it currently spends on healthcare programs, or make reductions in services.

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