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McClintock: Those Clamoring To Secede Have No Loyalty

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Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Calif.) lamented that the large segment of Californians clamoring to secede from the U.S. have “no loyalty to this country whatsoever” during an interview Tuesday on “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

McClintock was Wednesday’s KVML “Newsmaker of the Day.”

McClintock recently endured a raucous town hall event in early February in which the attendance of hundreds of anti-Trump protesters led to police escorting McClintock out of the building. These protesters reflect the 32 percent of Californians who support secession from the union, according to McClintock.

“No conceivable act of God could do that much damage to a beautiful state like California, but acts of government can and they have.” McClintock told Ingraham.

“When a third of a state hates our Constitution and our country so much that they would back a secession movement, that’s a pretty powerful warning not to let that happen across the rest of the country,” McClintock said. “And I suspect that part of the reason for the popularity of the secession movement in California is the fact that you have a large portion of the population that has no loyalty to this country whatsoever.”

Both Ingraham and McClintock said the steep leftward shift of California can be attributed in large part to mass influxes of illegal and legal immigrants, as well as the “mass exodus” from the state that occurred as their state began “going to hell.”

“The Democrats know that the more immigrants, both legal and illegal, that come in, the bigger their piece of the electoral pie. And it’s worked out very well for them as a political matter, has it not?” Ingraham asked.

McClintock said that’s part of the reason many people have fled California over the last several decades.

“Republicans are still winning the vote in California. The problem is people are now voting with their feet. And that is a serious problem,” McClintock said.

Noting that voters nationally acted to “turn things around” during the 2016 election in “one of the most dramatic political realignments in the history of our country,” McClintock bemoaned his state’s refusal to do the same.

“We haven’t seen that in California. And we have not seen much of that in states like Illinois and New York that are dominated by the Democrats,” McClintock said. “If your country’s going to hell, you don’t renounce your citizenship and move to Belize. You stay and fight because, by God, this is your country. But if your state’s going to hell, there comes a time when it’s just a lot easier to move to another state. And I’m afraid that’s what many Californians are doing.”

McClintock said, however, that there are many reasons to hold on to hope for California’s future. Noting that there are “a lot of Californians” who are “cheering” the Trump administration’s efforts to crack down on illegal immigration and secure the borders, McClintock said there is still significant Republican support in the state.

“Don’t forget, it’s our schools that are being completely overwhelmed by illegal immigration. Our hospitals are being completely overwhelmed. Our jails and prisons. It’s our economy,” McClintock said. “So, I think Trump will find an awful lot of people cheering him on in California as he restores the rule of law and the integrity of our borders and the sovereignty of our country.”

There’s even some hope that the president and the Republican Party can succeed in converting California liberals to their cause, McClintock suggested.

“If Donald Trump is successful in reviving our economy, and I am very confident he will be, states like California are going to be left in the dust. And I think that’s going to be a very powerful message,” McClintock said. “And I think the example the Trump administration is going to show in reviving our economy, securing our borders, restoring our national security — those are going to be powerful messages across the entire country and they will even permeate a place like California.”

Californians have done enough damage to themselves already, McClintock said, adding that the time is now for change to take root and flourish.

“California’s got everything in the world going for it except for wise government,” McClintock said. “You look at that beautiful state, most equitable climate in the hemisphere, most bountiful resources in the country. We’re on the Pacific Rim in a position to dominate world trade for a century, and yet people are finding a better future out in the middle of Nevada, Arizona, and Texas deserts.”

“No conceivable act of God could do that much damage to a beautiful state like California, but acts of government can — and they have,” McClintock added. “And people are registering that by leaving. And that’s a warning to the rest of the country.”

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