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Hawkins Discusses Issues Facing Sonora

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Sonora City Councilman Matt Hawkins discussed several items facing the City.

Hawkins was Wednesday’s KVML “Newsmaker of the Day”.

Hawkins is in the first year of his four year term. He was on the City Council before and after a two year absence, was elected to fill one of the three open seats last year during the Primary Election.

Hawkins said, “I love this community and I feel that my generation (which is the tail end of Generation X), needs to be represented. I’m a father, who works hard and faces issues that I can directly bring to the City.”

According to Hawkins, some of the issues from two years ago, that continue to need to be addressed include attracting new business, branding the city and the need to maintain a small town atmosphere that remains tourist friendly.

As a part of Vision Sonora, the City of Sonora will spend around $5,000 to close Linoberg Street to vehicle traffic and turn it into a pedestrian friendly walkway.

“Fire trucks are nearly unable to use Linoberg,” said Hawkins. “It is one of the least traveled streets in Sonora”.

Homelessness is a problem that Hawkins would like to see more involvement from various leaders, working together. These leaders would include representatives from the City, Tuolumne County and regional churches.

Hawkins stated, “Some of the issues we continue to look at include public transit facilities, lack of parking spaces, uneven sidewalks, abandoned buildings, traffic congestion and historic preservation.”

Hawkins concluded, “In my previous time as a City Council Member, I learned that Government at all levels, works at a snail’s pace. It can be frustrating. In the two years that I was a private citizen, I learned a lot and am now ready for action in representing our constituents.”

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