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Mandatory Filters Sparking Truck Fires Prompts A Second Lawsuit

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Sacramento, CA – A lawsuit filed by a group of California trucking companies against the California Air Resources Board (CARB) cites truck fires as proof the filters are dangerous.

The diesel particulate filters trap harmful soot produced by diesel engines, according to the CARB, which ruled them mandatory on all diesel trucks in 2007. Trucking businesses argue the filters are expensive as well, and are calling for restitution for truck repairs. The lawsuit also points out there have been more than 24 trucks and bus fires in California from 2014-2015, which CARB officials admitted were never inquired about or investigated.

This is the second lawsuit filed by Alliance for California Business owner Bud Caldwell’s attempting to roll back the filter requirement. In March, a judge ruled in favor of the state. Caldwell says the new lawsuit has more evidence of exhaust fires than the first attempt. is experiencing trouble and will update as soon as the problem is resolved.