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Becerra’s Confirmation Approved In Assembly

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Sacramento, CA — Despite opposition by most Republicans, the California Assembly voted in favor of Xavier Becerra becoming California’s next Attorney General.

Democrats voted in favor and all but one Republican voted in opposition. Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes, speaking on behalf of the opposition, stated, “I recently met with Xavier Becerra and my impression is that he is an intelligent and good person. However, I will not be supporting his appointment as California’s Attorney General because I remain concerned that instead of focusing on protecting California’s neighborhoods in an era of rising crime rates, his appointment has become part of an adversarial and partisan fight with leaders in Washington D.C.”

Becerra has stated that he is prepared to fight the Trump Administration on legislation that conflicts with state bills related to issues like immigration and climate change.

The lone lawmaker to break party lines was Republican Rocky Chavez, who said, “Although there are many things that the Congressman and I do not agree on, I believe he will uphold the California Constitution and I believe him when he says he will not be a thorn in the side of the Federal Government just to be a thorn. This is a time to rise above partisan politics and try and work together with our new Attorney General.”

Becerra’s confirmation process now moves over to the Senate, with a vote expected sometime next week. Becerra, a Southern California Congressman, would fill the role previously held by Kamala Harris, who is now a US Senator.

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