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Local Cancer Survivor Writes Inspirational Book

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Thirty plus years of being treated for various forms of cancer has left Twain Harte resident Mark Nouillan the third most radiated man on the face of the earth.

Nouillan was Friday’s KVML “Newsmaker of the Day”.

The Scottish born Nouillan was told by one doctor that, based on the amount of radiation treatment received, Nouillan is the third most radiated man on the face of the earth.

When looking at Nouillan, one would probably not think that he could hold such a claim. Nouillan appears to be fit, healthy and happy.

“It has been a battle to get to this point,” said Nouillan. “Some people say that I look really good, therefore I can’t possibly relate to their own hardships. They have no idea how difficult my treatment has been. I was sent home as a teenager to die. Today, I can relate with almost anything that people who have been diagnosed with cancer are facing and encourage them.”

Nouillan continues, “It’s my personal belief that when we are faced with illness that is so serious, that we do not know if we will survive it, that one of the most important things we can do is to focus on what we are going to do in the future and create special goals that compel us to succeed in our battle.”

Because of this belief, Nouillan moved from Glasgow, Scotland to Twain Harte, CA to be in an area that offers everything he loves. This includes Yosemite National Park, the Sierra Nevada and a sense of a supportive community like Nouillan has never experienced before.

“I have made many close friends at Sonora Regional Medical’s Cancer Care Center,” said Nouillan. “This area has some of the greatest support that anyone, anywhere could ever want.”

Nouillan has written a book that is being sold at the Cancer Care Center, as well as at Mountains Books in Sonora. It is called “Cancer Bravehearts”.

Locally, Nouillan has been asked to speak at various functions and events, including last April’s ‘Relay for Life’ in Sonora.

According to Nouillan, “Based on my own experience of dealing with Leukemia and Breast Cancer, I chose to write this book to let others know that their life is far from over. The reality is quite different. You’ve now been giving the chance to truly focus on your intentions and you can decide to take control. If you have ever heard that you have cancer, then my book is for you.”

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