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Governor Brown Considering Climate Change Ballot Measure

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Sacramento, CA — In response to experiencing some resistance from lawmakers, Governor Jerry Brown is considering a ballot measure to expand the state’s efforts to fight climate change.

The state’s high profile AB 32 Global Warming Legislation was passed in 2006 and put in place policies to reduce carbon emissions through the year 2020. One of the more contentious aspects has been the creation of the state’s cap and trade program which puts a limit on emissions of carbon dioxide and heat trapping gases. A marketplace was created so that higher polluting companies can purchase carbon offset credits.

The California Chamber of Commerce has filed a lawsuit arguing that the program is an illegal tax on businesses that should have required a 2/3 vote to be approved. Many of the aspects of AB 32 are scheduled to expire at the end of 2020, and the Governor has been working behind the scenes to find votes to extend the efforts to at least the year 2030. However, a chief policy advisor for the Governor put out a statement yesterday that a 2018 ballot measure is now being looked into to expand climate change efforts, saying they will be extended, “one way or another.” While the state’s climate change policies have been very contentious in many circles, proponents argue that a recent statewide Public Policy Institute of California poll found that 68% of likely voters support the Governor’s plan to extend the climate change reduction goals to the year 2030.

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