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Bond Measure Proposed To Help California Parks

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Sacramento, CA — California voters may decide in November whether to spend $3-billion towards improvements at state and local parks.

The Assembly approved the  idea with a 55-14 vote and it now moves to the Senate. $2-billion would be set aside for state parks with remaining money going to local parks through a competitive grant process and water projects. Proponents argue that California State Parks have an estimated $1-billion backlog in deferred maintenance and need more money to properly maintain operations. .

In order to appear on the ballot, the Senate must approve it by June 30. Six Republicans joined Democrats in favor of the measure. The opponents argued that there is existing money available that could be used for parks, and also cited the 2012 controversy where the state parks system was found to be hiding around $54-million at a time when many parks were on the chopping block.