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Rim Fire Reforestation Decision

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Sonora, CA — The U.S. Forest Service will post the Final Environmental Impact Statement and Draft Record of Decision (ROD) for Reforestation of the Rim Fire on Friday.

The proposed Rim Reforestation project involves treatment for about 42,000 acres within the 2013 Rim Fire area, located on the Groveland and Mi-Wuk Ranger Districts. More details will be provided at a press conference being held by the Forest Service on Thursday in Sonora but Clarke Broadcasting has learned some of the specifics of the chosen project. Forest spokesperson Rebecca Garcia shares, “There is going to be reforestation on 21,000 acres, natural regeneration on 4,000 existing acres, plantation thinning on 12,000 acres, nearly 4,000 acres of deer habitat enhancement and noxious weed eradication treatments on nearly 6,000 acres.” She adds that the plan has changed considerably from the draft as the alternatives proposed considerable differences in numbers per acre and different planting patterns. However, she notes that the need has not.

Also taken into consideration was a certain bird species, according to Garcia.  “All of the action alternatives call for at least 50% of the Black Backed Woodpecker habitat to be retained. So, that’s an item that has been an item of concern for environmentalists,” acknowledged Garcia. She indicates that once the ROD is posted work can begin immediately in the burn scar and that work would only be halted if a legal stay were to be granted by a judge.

  • Rim Fire burned trees
  • Blacked Backed Woodpecker
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