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Federal Firefighters To Receive Pay Raise

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Washington, DC — $600-million from last year’s federal infrastructure bill was earmarked for pay raises for federal firefighters, and the Biden Administration has announced the specifics of how it will be implemented.

An estimated 16,000 firefighters will receive a pay boost over a two-year period.

Base salaries will be increased by $20,000 per year, or 50 percent of the current base salary, whichever is lower. The firefighters will receive backpay for the raises, dating to October of 2021, and the bump in pay continues through 2023.

A year ago President Joe Biden also signed an Executive Order to temporarily mandate federal firefighters make at least $15 an hour. At that time, the entry-level pay was $11-$14 per hour.

The administration also states it is looking at ways to make the new pay increases sustainable after the infrastructure bill money runs out in 2023.