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California GOP Marks Milestone Of Gas Price Relief Inaction

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Sacramento, CA — Republicans at the state capitol in Sacramento held a press conference this morning to urge Democrats to take action related to the record-breaking gas prices.

Assembly GOP Caucus leader James Gallagher opened up by stating, “It has now been 100 days since the Governor and the Democrats here in Sacramento promised California consumers relief on gas prices. 100 days is far too long.”

Gallagher went on to say, “We are still waiting, with no relief in sight, fighting over $400 or $200 that they will send to you. And that’s not enough. We need action now.”

Republicans continue to call for a suspension of the excise gas tax, which would drop prices by around 51-cents per gallon.

Others who took part in the press conference were GOP Senators Brian Dahle, Brian Jones, Ochoa Bogh, Patricia Bates, Shannon Grove and Jim Nielsen, and Assembly members Laurie Davies and Suzette Martinez Valladares.