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CA Lawmakers Pass Budget That Newsom Opposes

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Sacramento, CA — Wednesday is the Constitutional deadline for California lawmakers to pass a budget in order to still receive a paycheck.

Yesterday the Senate and Assembly approved a $300 billion operating budget, but it is opposed by Governor Gavin Newsom, and he will not sign it.

Unlike many states, California has a full-time legislature where members receive an annual salary of $119,702. By at least approving a spending plan, they can keep receiving paychecks.

Lawmakers will now continue with more negotiations over the coming days.

An area of contention is that the legislature would like to spend more than Newsom on higher education and housing. The legislative budget includes money to cover college tuition for an additional 150,000 students and a program to help cover the costs of mortgage payments for some first-time homebuyers.

Newsom is arguing that the state instead needs to pay down more long-term debts.

There are also competing proposals on how to offset the high gas taxes. Newsom is proposing checks up to $800 for those who own vehicles, and the legislature would like to give $200 to everyone under a certain income threshold, regardless of whether they own a vehicle.

The new fiscal year begins July 1st.


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