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Stocking Up On Wood And Mushrooms

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Sonora, CA – Permits will soon be available to forage a variety of forest products.

Stanislaus National Forest officials want to alert those who plan to collect fuelwood that the start date has changed from April 1st to the 15th. Forest spokesperson Veronica Garcia indicates, “We are pushing back the date so the forest roads open at the same time this year.” The limit is two-and-a-half cords for $25, with a maximum purchase of 10 cords per household. Garcia also instructs that when chopping trees, they must already be “dead and down” on the ground, no live trees can be cut down.

Additionally, permits will also be available for limbs, boughs, foliage, cones, needles, minerals and mushrooms. If collecting mushrooms for personal use, a free permit can be obtained for up to one pound. Garcia notes, “It’s required that the mushrooms are sliced in half lengthwise immediately at the time of harvest that determines if it is going to be used for commercial or resell or personal use. If they don’t cut it, they could be fined between $50 and $500 if stopped by law enforcement officials.”

Free permits are also available for 20 pounds of limb or bough, 10 pounds of foliage or eight gallons of dry cones. If planning to sell the products you will need a chargeable permit costing $20.00 with $300 limit. Permits can be purchased at the Supervisors office in Sonora.

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