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Legal Suicides In Three Months

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Sacramento, CA — Assisted suicides in the state can begin in 90 days, now that the state lawmakers have adjourned a special health care session.

The closure on Thursday paves the way for terminally ill California residents to end their lives legally with medication prescribed by a doctor in three months. As previously reported, the Governor signed the “End of Life Option Act,” in October 2015. The highly publicized case of Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old California woman with brain cancer who moved to Oregon to legally end her life in 2014, put a spotlight on the issue helping to get the law passed.

However, dying patients have been in limbo waiting for this special session to end, clear the way for assisted suicides in the state. Opponents argued the law could cause premature suicides. Supporters say it allows the terminally ill a choice on how to end their lives in dignity.

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