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Supervisors To Vote On Tree Mortality Plan

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Sonora, CA — The Tuolumne County Supervisors will take some initial steps to remove dead and dying hazardous trees.

At Tuesday’s meeting the board will vote on a $440,000 “Tree Mortality Hazard Tree Removal Plan.” 75% of the funding will come from the State of California thanks to Disaster Assistance Act funding. It means the county will pay around $110,000. That said, if a President Disaster Declaration is achieved, the county’s percentage would dip to 6.25%.

$111,636 would be spent on overall project management, $220,440 for the management of a wood yard that would be set up off Highway 120 near the Ultra Power plant, $4,000 to lease the needed land, and $100,000 for required arborists.

On a related note, after approving the budget, the county will vote whether to allocate $336,036 for a contract with Sierra Resource Management to coordinate and manage the plan.

In other business, the Supervisors will vote whether to approve a $16,000 contract with Cole Pro Media, based in Vacaville, for social media support during a time of crisis. The Supervisors will also give a Certificate of Recognition to Kim Baker for her dedicated service to Railtown 1897 and Columbia State Historic Park.

The meeting begins at 9am on Tuesday.