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CHP Will Keep Eye On High Country

Tuolumne County, CA — During last week’s Christmas holiday there were several well documented issues that resulted from people parking alongside Highway 108 in the snow areas.

Combined with travelers that were pulled over to put on snow chains, it created several traffic hazards, and lengthy delays. The CHP is hoping to avoid similar type issues this coming holiday weekend. Officer Nick Norton says, “Usually what happens is that we will go through the area and write citations, and make sure that everybody moves their vehicles, and stuff. But, as soon as we leave, it fills back up again. It’s an ongoing battle that we have, so as long as there are not any major calls, hopefully we can keep an officer in the area (this weekend) and keep it clear the whole time.”

The CHP is again anticipating heavy traffic to snow areas, as New Year’s Day falls on a Friday, allowing for an extended weekend. If you plan on pulling over to play in the snow, Officer Norton reminds that your vehicle must be completely out of the traffic lanes and not be in a designated “no parking” zone. He adds, “We want everyone to come up and enjoy the snow and mountain area, but we also want everyone to be safe.”

Officer Norton also says it is important to carry chains at all times, and have extra food and blankets, in case you are stuck for an extended period.

He says you also need to remember to leave with everything you brought, and not litter. Click here to read an earlier story on that issue.

Also of note, the CHP will be in the midst of a Maximum Enforcement Period, with all available officers on the roads, tonight at 6pm, through Sunday at 11:59pm.