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Rare Footage Of Endangered Sheep In Yosemite

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Yosemite, CA – Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep are the stars of Yosemite National Park’s latest video release.

The public can now view the newest episode of “Yosemite Nature Notes” entitled “Bighorn Sheep.” As previously reported, wildlife officials released a herd of the endangered sheep into the park in March. The video highlights the re-introduction of these magnificent animals to the Cathedral Range along with wildlife biologists interviews detail the animals’ journey to the park. Park spokesperson Ashley Mayer shares wonderful news about the herd, “The sheep are doing very well. We’ve had some lambs born in the summer. We’ve done some periodic field surveys and the herd is really adapting very well to their new environment.” Additionally, all of the animals are equipped with GPS collars.

Yosemite Conservancy provides the funding for “Yosemite Nature Notes”, which started out as a newsletter in 1922 focusing on natural and cultural features of the park. Mayer notes, “It was very popular but because was discontinued in 1961 due to high printing costs. The videos were reintroduced in 2008 by filmmaker Steve Bumgardner, a 21-century way of continued sharing of all the park has to offer.”

This is the 27th episode to add to the park’s “Yosemite Nature Notes” video library, which covers a variety of topics, including black bears, big trees and glaciers. To view the bighorn sheep video go to the left-hand image box. Watch all the episodes by clicking here.

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