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$2.3 Million In 2015 Sonora Foundation Grants

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Sonora, CA — The Sonora Area Foundation is wrapping up its 25th year and on schedule to exceed $2.3 million in grant awards benefiting individuals and organizations throughout Tuolumne County in 2015 alone. The foundation has been celebrating its 25th year with the slogan “You Can Make a Difference. Let Us Help.”

Ed Wyllie, Sonora Area Foundation Executive Director, says; “If you are thinking about making an end of the year donation but are not sure what to support, I would encourage you to think local and make that donation to benefit one of the worthy non-profit organizations serving our community.” He adds, “There are a lot of needs in Tuolumne County and a lot of local, non-profit organizations that can use your help to address those needs.”

The Sonora Area Foundation holds over 170 donor funds that help to support a wide range of categories. Wyllie describes several of the funds in his new blog titled “Thinking About an End of Year Donation?” here.

The first meeting of the Sonora Area Foundation Board of Directors was March 7, 1990 and the Foundation now has a full time staff of three. For the past 100 years, community philanthropy has grown through the formation of locally based community foundations, with over 750 across the United States. More blogs written by Wyllie are here.

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