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Local Poll On The US Economy

A recent informal myMotherLode poll asked the same question this year as last year; Is the US Economy getting worse, better or staying the same? The 536 votes on the Nov 3rd 2014 poll were 44 percent the economy is getting worse, 32 percent it is staying the same and 24 percent it is getting better.

The poll was allowed to go one day longer than last year with the final vote count 782. The results were nearly identical: 44 percent the economy is getting worse, 29 percent it is staying the same and 27 percent it is getting better.

When the 2015 poll had fewer votes the results for the economy staying the same matched the votes for getting better. Optimistically, this year the informal poll did get 3 percent more votes for things getting better as well as 5 percent more for staying the same. But, of course staying the same also could mean the same as a bad economy. Even more pessimistic by the end of the first three days one percent more voted the US economy is getting worse.

Recently Sen. Mike Lee of Utah delivered the December Republican weekly address saying “All across my state, we see widespread prosperity, achieved through a combination of efficient local government, a thriving economy, a thriving civil society, and perhaps the most successful private welfare system in the world.” The full address is here.

After the 2014 poll question there were several weekly addresses discussing the economy last year:

12/8/2014 Obama: The Economy Is Growing
12/16/2014 GOP: We’ll Focus On Jobs And The Economy
12/22/2014 Obama: America’s Resurgence Is Real
12/23/2014 GOP: Offering President Obama A Lump Of Coal