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Students Questioned About Sonora High Death Threat Case

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Sonora, CA — With no suspect behind bars after nearly six months, Sonora Police Chief Mark Stinson promises his department is continuing to follow up on all leads regarding a death threat and attack of a female student on Sonora High’s campus.

When asked about reports that Clarke Broadcasting received related to students recently being questioned, Chief Stinson remarked, “Anybody that is a possible person of interest, be it a student or adult, we’re talking to them.”  However, he did not elaborate on those interviews.

As first reported by Clarke Broadcasting on Oct. 6, the student found a note threatening her life stuffed into her gym locker. It is not the first bullying of the student.  At the end of last school year, bullying notes and texts escalated into a person wearing a cinched black hoodie physically assaulting the student. She suffered a black eye, bruises and scrapes.

As reported Oct. 22, the school board is awaiting three bids to put up anywhere from 20 to 30 new campus security cameras at a cost of between $80,000 and $200,000. School officials have acknowledged to the girl’s parents that the current ones are “antiquated.” Installation of the new security system should be complete in the spring, according to Sonora High Superintendent Pat Chabot.

Those new cameras might have been helpful in discovering who left an airsoft pistol in a bag on the campus sometime this week. As Clarke Broadcasting first reported Friday, that gun was found unloaded and without ammunition on the campus around 10 a.m.

With regards as to whether a suspect is in their sights, Chief Stinson replied, “Not at this point.” Anyone with information regarding any of these incidents can contact SPD at 532-8141.

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