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Extending Public Health Care To Immigrants

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Sacramento, CA – Legal or not, more California voters support extending public health care services to immigrants, according to a new Field Poll.

The survey released on  Wednesday found 58 percent of state voters support extending Medi-Cal services to illegal immigrants while 39 percent are opposed. That number is up from a year ago, when 51 percent supported the change and 45 percent were not in favor. The numbers fell along party lines with most Democrats approving (78 to 19 percent) and Republicans against (72 to 25 percent) the change. A majority of whites, African Americans and Asian Americans support the move, along with  three-quarters of Latinos.

California Wellness is the group that funded the poll. Its President and Chief Executive Officer Judy Belk says, “These findings tell us that Californians value health equity. There is increasing support… and a clear desire to be inclusive of all people, including the undocumented, when it comes to health care access.”

Currently, an estimated 2.7 million immigrants are living in the state illegally.