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Groveland Receives $8.5-Million For Water Resiliency Project

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Groveland, CA — A series of improvements funded by the state will help the community of Groveland continue to supply water during periods of extreme drought.

$8.5-million is coming to the Groveland Community Service District from the California Department of Water Resources to improve community resiliency and secure water supply.

One element will allow GCSD to obtain water at low Pine Mountain Lake levels brought on by drought and even if the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission’s Mountain Tunnel is shut down.

It includes constructing a second water tank and water main connection to Big Oak Flat, coupled with a new groundwater well to allow the district to serve a portion of its customers using groundwater instead of surface water. The district reports the project will also improve water quality and improve water flows for fire protection in the Big Oak Flat area.

GCSD Chief Plant Operator Greg Dunn says, “This important project will allow GCSD to meet water demands year-round, even in extended drought or loss of Hetch Hetchy supply.”

General Manager Pete Kampa adds, “One of the most exciting parts of this project is the forethought of our operations team, management and engineering in planning for the worst-case drought scenario; and developing a water supply resilience and reliability project to ensure that our community never runs out of water. The benefit to the health, safety and property values of GCSD customers is tremendous. Excellent, visionary work supported by a solid Board of Directors.”

The project is funded 100-percent by the state grant dollars. Kampa says the project should start late this year and be completed by the summer of 2024.

The project includes the following elements:

1. An improved water intake system in Pine Mountain Lake to access water in low lake levels.
2. The relocation of the existing trailer-mounted water treatment plant and an extension of the raw water transmission main from PML to a new site owned by GCSD, a new building and the relocation of all the equipment.
3. A new 140,000-gal storage tank serving the Big Oak Flat region.
4. A new 5,500-LF 8” water main connection from the new tank to Big Oak Flat.
5. A new groundwater well will be located near and connected to the new tank.