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Role Model And Budget Surplus Polls

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In a new informal poll question asked: What sport provides the best  role model for youth?  Baseball won out, with golf and NASCAR trailing. The answer can depend on what your favorite sport is and the understood level of politeness of the game.

Sports franchises feature their athletes’ celebrity status to promote the image of their league and its teams. Professional sports associations will support charity events and community outreach programs which in turn boosts fan support and revenues helping to bridge the gap between high paid athletes and fans. The many programs can try to smooth over incidents of player misconduct both on and off the field similar to court ordered community service.

What to do with California’s Budget Surplus was divided 48 percent to 46 percent favoring “Return It.”  Giving tax credit back to Californians was not discussed by Democrats or Republicans in the legislature. Our news story about Governor Brown’s plan and budget is here.