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Tuolumne County Purchasing Body Cameras For Sheriff’s Office

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Sonora, CA — Law enforcement officials with the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office will soon be wearing body cameras as a way to increase local accountability and transparency.

The board of supervisors approved a five-year contract with the company Axon Enterprises to provide the equipment, oversee upkeep, and provide training. They will be worn when responding to incidents. The cost is over $100,000 per year, totaling $572,718 over the half-decade.

Sheriff Bill Pooley stated, “I think all of our deputies want this for their protection. Let’s face it, you are being recorded everywhere you are at. Let’s have the entire recording, and show the whole picture, because I believe in my people, and I know we are doing things right.”

Board Chair Anaiah Kirk added, “Not here in Tuolumne County, but nationwide, there are some folks that don’t trust what is going on and some of the decisions made (by law enforcement). So, I think this is going to drive home the point of how professional this agency is.”

District Five Supervisor Jaron Brandon added, “This a great public benefit, not only to folks being able to know that everything was done fairly and properly, but protecting our officers too, from frivolous lawsuits that can potentially be very expensive in taxpayer dollars.”

The vote to approve the body camera contract was unanimous. It is anticipated that it will be renewed after five years at a renegotiated price.