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Will Water Pipes Burst?

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Sonora, CA — Below average temperatures are expected in the foothills this week, with lows dipping into the mid-twenties.

This Tuesday through Friday, temperatures are expected to peek in the mid-forties, with frost in the late night and early morning hours. “Typically, if the temperatures don’t warm up to much during the day, and it’s a consistent low temperature, the pipes just don’t defrost,” says Lisa Westbrook, T.U.D. Spokesperson. “Insulating the pipes is the best way to get yourself prepared.”

Westbrook says outside faucets and pipes, as well as those in unheated garages and crawl spaces, are most vulnerable to freezing weather. To help ensure that they do not burst, you should cover them with insulating material, and secure with tape, string or wire. Also, it is important to disconnect outside garden hoses.

It’s also good to know where the main water shut-off valve is located, in the event that a pipe breaks. T.U.D. advises that you do not keep water running in an attempt to keep pipes from freezing, and consider having some extra water in storage in the event there is a break.