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Tuolumne County Jail Forced To Reduce Population Due To COVID

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Sonora, CA — The Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office is forced to immediately cut its jail population to 50-percent after 16 inmates in three housing units tested positive for COVID-19.

The sheriff’s office has been carrying out COVID testing while working closely with the department of public health. 13 inmates, designated as non-violent offenders, will be released by early this morning. They are all within 30 days of their originally planned release date. Sheriff Bill Pooley says, “The safety of our community is my number one priority. We are working to strike a balance between keeping our residents safe and ensuring that the inmates, who are under our care, are adequately treated for COVID-19.”

He adds that the sheriff’s office will work closely with public health to maintain all quarantine procedures for inmates and testing protocols.