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New TUD President

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Sonora, CA – It took several votes to finally seat a President for the Tuolumne Utilities District (TUD) Board.

Several members nominated themselves and failed to get an endorsement including current president John Maciel.  When the board failed to make a choice between the contenders, it recessed, to consult with legal counsel on how to proceed.

General Manager Tom Scesa reported back, “Barring any action by the board, the current officers remain.  However, the Water Code says 30 days after taking office; the board shall elect a president.”

As the three new board members, Ron Ringen, Ron Kopf and Jim Grinnell, were sworn in on December 5, a President would have to be chosen by January 5.  There is no meeting scheduled by then so a special meeting would have to be set.  This would cost ratepayers a $100 dollars for each of the five members to attend; an alternative no one on the board liked.

Ron Ringen then threw his hat in the ring saying, “I was the vice chair on the planning commission, I have been on boards before.  I think that the position of president is one that needs to have the ability for leadership…and making things move forward.” In an attempt to “put this to bed”, as cited by new board member Ron Kopf, the board voted 3 to 2 in favor of Ringen, with Kent Johnson and Jim Grinnell voting against.

In a unanimous vote, the board chose Kent Johnson as Vice President.

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